The Best Fantasy Name Generators: Playing Around with Names

Character names are one of the most common stumbling blocks for writers that can hold a story back for weeks or months while you wonder about what you should call your hero, heroin or villain. Choosing the right name isn’t as hard as you think – and there’s no reason why it should stand in the way of writing your story for more than a few seconds.

If you’re struggling to find the right names for the characters in your story, fantasy name generators are one of the best ways to choose the right name (and to see a variety of different ones) without a lot of thought or effort.

Haven’t found the right name just yet? Fantasy name generators allow you to click until you realize, “That’s it!”

As a writer, the blank page is your playing field – and many writers forget the wonderful freedom that this gives them to do anything to the story and characters within the realm of the page.

Here’s how you can play around with names and the best fantasy name generators until you’ve got the right name for your story.

Click, Click and Click Again

Random name generators allow you to click on a name until you’ve found the right one for your story. If you don’t like the name, just click again to see some more options – and if the generator isn’t delivering the right results for your story or name, there are a thousand more generators on the internet just like it that might be a better fit.

Click until the name feels right or fits the image for the character that you have in your head.

Different Generators for Different Things

Want a name with a specific theme? Start off by looking for a specific random name generator that fits your needs. Some fantasy name generators look for names that are vampire-themed, Halloween-themed, Victorian-themed, ancient Greek-themed, pulled out of ancient languages like Latin or just made up through random syllables.

There are different name generators for different themes and things. Some even find names for places or Kingdoms or Universes instead.

No matter what kind of story you might be writing, there’s a random name generator suited to your story – guaranteed.

Look for Anagrams, Too

The Internet Anagram Server is a very useful resource – and it can help you to do a lot more than just giggle at the different things the letters in your name stands for. One of the smartest Anagrams out there is Tom Marvolo Riddle (read the book or see the movie if you aren’t sure why we’re saying this!) and you could miss a golden opportunity like this easily if you don’t run your name through an anagram server first.

Even if anagrams aren’t part of your story, be sure to check if there are any anagrams for the names you’ve picked. Even if you don’t use the anagram, these can be some great randomized ideas that can help you think of story elements that you didn’t imagine before.

Research Your Generated Name

Always research your generated name through search engines too. This can help to tell writers if the name they want to use has appeared anywhere before (or if it might mean something unsavory in another language – hey, you ever know).

With this, it can also help your story research to look for whether or not the name has ever appeared in registration records – and how common of a name it’s considered in the United States and the rest of the world.

It’s a simple search, but it can give you a lot of background on the name you’re choosing.